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Cantina Privata Millesimata 1988
Cantina Privata Millesimata 1988

Cantina Privata Millesimata 1988

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Faithful to the tradition that the Bocchino Distillery has pursued since 1898, only an out of the ordinary, uniquely exceptional harvest allows the creation of a new Private Cellar, Millesimated by definition.
The 1988 Millesimo rested for a long time in our private cellar, before reaching its maximum expression.


The favorable climatic conditions have given rise to wines of notable structure and great balance; essential characteristics to obtain high quality pomace.

The limited availability of 492 bottles makes the 1988 vintage a unique grappa.


Pomace of Piedmont grapes of the most prestigious crus located between Langhe and Monferrato


Batch steam alembic "Carlo Bocchino" method. The distillate reaches its alcohol content naturally and is reduced only in the final phase to 47.6°


In two French oak barriques


Typical color of long-aged distillates, intense amber. Intense, rich and complex aromas. Initial fruity fragrances of dried fruit. On the finish they are completed with notes of exotic spices, ginger and cinnamon. The full strength of 47.6° contains an intense concentration of sensations. The presence of the distillate in the mouth is harmonious: the palate is dominated by the richness of dried figs and ripe orange; the consistency is dense and creamy. Aging gives this grappa an intense color and custard aromas. The overall sensation is of an extremely long and slightly dry taste, with spicy and apple notes.


47.6 alc. by Vol.


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