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Unique packaging, conceived thanks to a passion for grappa that goes back more than a century.

The new gift packs are available in a limited edition of elegant design, each containing a selection of the finest grappas produced by Bocchino distilleries.

Ideal gifts for those who appreciate exclusivity and artisanal excellence.



These grappas, distilled according to the traditional method, are the fruit of nature’s bounty and the unstinting labor of five generations of the Bocchino family.

Respect for tradition and dedication to quality are the foundations of the characteristic aromas of our grappas

We all know the value and the significance of a private cellar. We have opened our own, presenting our Cantina Privata collection to the world of connoisseurs. A selection of the best oak barrique-aged grappas which Carlo Bocchino, the founder, had reserved for himself and a few close friends since just after World War II. A few specimens of special vintages in accurately numbered bottles, which since 1974 have preserved the intensity and magic of true excellence.

A selection of the grappas of Piedmont’s most prized grape varieties, distilled using Carlo Bocchino’s exclusive technique, to appreciate the flavors and aromas of distillates made unique by time and passion.
Exclusive, excellent, rare. A selection of grappas made using Carlo Bocchino’s traditional method of distillation, blending and ageing. Distillates offering delicate and fragrant sensations for your enjoyment.