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Cantina Privata Grappa 8 anni
Cantina Privata Grappa 8 anni

Cantina Privata Grappa 8 anni

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From the pomace of Nebbiolo grapes from Barolo and Barbaresco and Moscato d'Asti.


Discontinuous steam still with the “Lazarito Bocchino” method. The distillate is obtained at 75° alcohol content after appropriate discarding of heads and tails by means of columns with copper mushroom-shaped plates.


In 225 liter barriques made of Allier, Troncais and Limousin wood, for a minimum period of 8 years, during which the alcohol content of the distillate is progressively reduced up to 45 degrees. A year before being bottled, the distillate is decanted from the barriques into a large oak barrel, so that the various spirits can slowly harmonize. The Cantina Privata is bottled only in the best years, in a blend made up of 65% Nebbiolo grappa from Barolo and Barbaresco and 35% Moscato d'Asti grappa.


Medium-high intensity colour, the scent has a pleasant harmony of honey, marron glacés and chamomile. The full-bodied and enveloping flavour, long lasting with notes of cinnamon, cloves and pine resin.


45 alc. by Vol.


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