The Grappas

Grappa Cuvée di Barriques

Made with

pomace from Moscato d’Asti and Nebbiolo delle Langhe grapes.


bright amber colour. Scents of mulberry, spices and iris; floral notes with a subtle hint of jasmine. The flavour is reminiscent of dried apricots, vanilla and roasted almonds.

Alcohol content

40% by vol.


CL 70 


the “Carlo Bocchino” pot still method. This grappa is distilled after removing “heads and tails” using copper columns with mushroom-shaped plates.


during ageing, the alcohol content is progressively lowered to the intended level. The grappas that go into our

Cuvée di Barriques are cellared separately for a long time in 225-litre Allier, Troncais and Limousin oak.


ageing is followed by the final blending process;each barrique is attentively assessed looking for its specific potential contribution to the final taste. Finally, the grappas are skillfully and patiently poured off into a larger cask, where the aromas of the different crus blend together.

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