The Grappas

Grappa Riserva Carlo Bocchino

Made with

pomace from Nebbiolo for Barolo, Nebbiolo for Barbaresco, Barbera d’Asti and Moscato d’Asti grapes.


deep, intense colour from extended cellaring in oak; rich bouquet, with persistent hints of vanilla and tobacco. Opulent, velvety and elegant to the palate.

Alcohol content

43% by vol.


CL 70 


discontinuous steam alembics according to the “Carlo Bocchino” pot still method. The distillate is obtained at 70° during the “bonne chauffe” after the skillful elimination of the “heads” (the first batch resulting from heating) and the “tails” (the residue produced at the end of the heating cycle) by means of columns with mushroom-shaped copper plates.


Riserva Carlo Bocchino is a blend of different vintages and different Piedmontese varieties of Piedmont (Barbera, Nebbiolo, Moscato) forming a complex, rich and unmistakable bouquet. After distillation, the grappa is cellared in 225-litre Allier, Tronçais and Limousin oak. Humidity plays an essential role in the product’s evolution. Year after year, as air is slowly exchanged through the wooden staves, the power and alcohol content of the grappa decline, while the flavours and bouquet are created. During ageing, no less than 10-15% of the volume and 4-6 % of the alcohol content are lost due to evaporation. The master distiller watches over the ageing process and decides how long the grappa has to rest in the barrels; it is up to him to decide when to assemble the different grappas once maturation is completed. One year before bottling, Riserva Carlo Bocchino is placed in larger oak casks for harmonization and stabilization.

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